To have guaranteed quality and speed in the production of a metal product, it has now become necessary to rely on sheet metal laser cutting processes.

Our laser department is based on cutting materials just as they have been designed during the design planning phase, relying on an automated "BYSTAR" system from Bystronic.

We are in a position to cut sheet metal up to 1500 x 3000 mm in size, accommodating the specific needs of our customers from the technical drawing to the finished product.
The materials which we process are mainly iron up to 20 mm, stainless steel up to 15 mm and aluminium with a maximum thickness of 10 mm.

We have a large warehouse and an automatic loading/unloading system to make the most of time management, even with reduced personnel.


  • Maximum cutting thickness of FE 20 mm
  • Maximum STAINLESS STEEL cutting thickness 15 mm
  • Maximum AL cutting thickness 10 mm
  • Working range 1500x3000 Automatic laser/loading-unloading system 1500x3000 for operation with reduced personnel and automatic order management
  • 4000W maximum resonator power

We always guarantee clean and precise cuts for quality products destined for various product sectors: from structures for ski lift facilities to drilling machinery, from theme park rides to industrial drying furnaces; from samples of a few parts to the production of large batches, without setting any limits.

We work effortlessly also with materials treated with protective coatings such as galvanisation, or with films for more delicate materials, and also process stainless steel for food use.