Pursuing our goals of outstanding versatility and availability, we are in a position to offer our service to multiple commodities sectors:

structural components for ski lift facilities, theme park rides, complete drilling machinery, grain or leather drying furnaces, industrial washing machines, agricultural machines, tanks, boilers, and any other part, even if achieved solely through laser cutting.

Our customers’ requirements have led us over time to build frames of all sizes and for the most varied sectors, in both steel and stainless steel. We also produce shaped or calendered fairings with exposed finish, panels and bonnets to cover machine tools, including with custom lettering. In the stainless steel sector, we excel in the supply of cut, bent and welded parts, using both TIG and MIG depending on the customer’s requirements. These types of products range from buckets for food handling, to automatic machine control panels, welded and tested tanks, hydraulic control units, panelling and bonnets, and tubular and sheet metal frames. We are also present in the urban furniture sector with various products.

The parts we make are industrialised by the staff in our engineering department who monitor the product from design to construction, analysing and developing every single component of the article.


Steel products

Stainless steel products