Our engineering department, which now boasts more than 5 employees, has all the tools necessary to process customer drawings, in any format, whether it is two-dimensional or 3D. More and more often, three-dimensional designs complete or replace the normal 2D designs, and our engineering department is prepared and trained to use state-of-the-art 3D design programs both to develop the customer's drawings and to design directly

First of all, the parts to be produced are analysed and industrialised. After careful examination, the various phases to produce the complete part in the best and cheapest possible way are decided upon.

The design, of new parts or special assemblies, is carried out together with the customers, making any changes and offering advice for the execution of both the sample and the subsequent production, of both individual parts and batches.

We offer readily available and attentive advice in the research and development of prototypes, always guaranteeing fast, quality service.